Friday, January 1, 2010

War on Junk - Day 21 A New Year

It is now 2010. Who knows what this year will bring? My hope is for peace, prosperity, good health and good luck. I watched Dick Clark last night doing the countdown to the New Year. Dick, it's time to retire! He is is an ancient man with a plastic surgeon's deft touch all over his face. He doesn't look old but he sounds like he belongs in an assisted-living retirement home. I digress.

Today's haul:

1. A pair of Italian scissors - not used
2. A redundnat tape gun by 3M
3. A broken plug plate
4. A door stopper
5. A nylon thingamabob.
6. A washer
7. A plastic reservoir cover
8. A light bulb, plug converter
9. A plastic chair leg whatchamacallit
10. A plastic plug plugger

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