Friday, January 8, 2010

War on Junk - Day 25

The junk war has slowed down a bit but no truse has been declared. Here is the day's haul:

1. An octagonal glass jar
2. A stainless steel water bottle sans lih
3. A small glass jar with a lid
4. A small plastic container with a lid
5. A plastic candy divider box
6. A package of anchors for a car
7. An accessory for a defunct dustbuster
8. Tears for Fears CD
9. HP DeskJet 5900 CD
10. A Rockin for Research music CD (we got 2)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

War on Junk - Day 23 A Trip to the Dump

Huge junk invasion over the weekend. New TV and home theatre system resulted in a massive pile of cardboard boxes, styrofoam and other packing materials. It required the junk war nuclear option - a trip to the dump. The dump is no longer called a dump, it's called a transfer station. For the privelege of driving to the dump and unloading our garbage, we get to pay a fee. In addition, garbage goes to one location, paints and metals to another and recyclables to a third. They are all in proximity but it seems that the process could be streamlined. For example, to get rid of the paint, you can drive directly to the paint station from within the garbage facility. The collectors were there but wouldn't accept your paint cans until you drove out of the facility, back onto the steet and then turned back into the same facility ten yards down the road where you were met by the same collectors at the same station who would now accept your paint. Not quite sure why we had to do it that way but we did.

What we got rid of today:

1. A cardboard box from the TV
2. Styrofoam from the packing crate
3. Multiple boxes and cardboard inserts from the home theatre packing crate
4. ANother cardboard box
5. A lenght of copper pipe
6. A rotten 2x4
7. A small piece of plywood
8. A drawer from an old piece of furniture
9. A 5 gallon paint container
10. A large ceramic tile

Saturday, January 2, 2010

War on Junk - Day 22

Now I'm getting in to the tool/hardware section of our junk cornucopia. Some of this stuff might be useful, but hasn't been used for 20 years, is redundant or has an unknown function. This will be a rich source of crap!

The list:

1. A Prestone lock De-Icer, never used but defunct
2. A vintage pair of pliers
3. A President's Choice jam jar in which I found a piece of lapis and rutilated quartz - bonus!
4. A brass pot
5. A clamp for a specific but unknown purpose
6. Another clamp - ditto
7. A package of toggle bolts 1/8 x 2 inches
8. A package of 2 brass tap seats
9. a plastic box for earplugs - no ear plugs
10. A dual clamp for something - never been used

Friday, January 1, 2010

War on Junk - Day 21 A New Year

It is now 2010. Who knows what this year will bring? My hope is for peace, prosperity, good health and good luck. I watched Dick Clark last night doing the countdown to the New Year. Dick, it's time to retire! He is is an ancient man with a plastic surgeon's deft touch all over his face. He doesn't look old but he sounds like he belongs in an assisted-living retirement home. I digress.

Today's haul:

1. A pair of Italian scissors - not used
2. A redundnat tape gun by 3M
3. A broken plug plate
4. A door stopper
5. A nylon thingamabob.
6. A washer
7. A plastic reservoir cover
8. A light bulb, plug converter
9. A plastic chair leg whatchamacallit
10. A plastic plug plugger